Monday, November 12, 2007

525 thousand 600 minutes...

"Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes
How do you measure

A year in the life?

"How about love?

How about love?

How about love?"

So I was listening to some of the music from Rent on my iPod this morning when I was walking, and it's all about materialism v. love.

"You're living In America
At the end of the millennium

"You're living In America

Leave your conscience at the tone

"And when you're living In America

At the end of the millennium

You're what you own"

I am NOT what I own. Though I am probably, in part, the books I've read, which may be what makes it so hard to let go of them. But 17 went yesterday, all books on parenting. Time for someone else to have them, so they're going to the library book sale.

I cleaned out and reorganized the mugs that hold my makeup, as well. Got rid of some really old lipstick whose colors just look wrong on me. What was I thinking? Or has my skin tone changed that much? But I found one that I know I didn't buy that I kind of like! By clearing out the clutter, you can find the gems you already have.

And it's been really fun, as I go around the house, looking to let go of things, to really look at each item, and remember how it came to me. Was it a gift? Did it come from a trip? When did I make it? What was the occasion of that photo? It's making me happy to do it.

I put this ugly red recliner on freecycle, got 2 calls, and someone came to pick it up last night -- took one look at it, and said "it's too big for me to move!" Luckily, someone else is interested. I hope he takes it.

I put a telescope and electronic keyboard on craigslist. If no one wants them in a few days, I'll freecycle them, too.

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