Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Got rid of...

went into the give away bag:

3 pieces of costume jewelry that i haven't worn in years

went into the trash:

8 magazines/catalogs
6 jars (I buy in bulk, so I kind of have a thing about saving empty jars. I mean, I do use them -- but how many do I need?) - so I got rid of anything that had bits of label and the one that didn't have a lid.

I have collected some rocks over the years, from various hikes. They have a good feeling, even though I can't remember which rock came from where. So I put them in the garden, and they seem happy there. That was 4 more items, and I'm not sure they count, but they are out of the house, so I will.

Had to start a new bag for things to ask my husband about -- they're his, but he hasn't touched them in months or years. Put 2 things in there.

That's 21 for today, out of a goal of 25 per day.

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