Sunday, November 18, 2007

One Secret to a Clutter-free Life

Quit bringing stuff into the house! :)

Yesterday was a big grocery shopping day, because I'm having 14 or 16 people for Thanksgiving dinner. (Today I set up the tables, set the tables, decorate the living room and make the cranberry sauce, plus a roast and soup to eat till Thursday. Tomorrow & Tuesday I'll do a little more cooking, and most of it Wednesday PM, with my bro-in-law's fiancee. The point is, if I didn't do all the shopping yesterday, I'd be in deep doo-doo by Wednesday, since I'm working all week.)

Where do you put 5 quarts of chicken broth? 4 huge cans of pumpkin? a box of graham crackers and a box of cereal (for the pumpkin cheesecake crust)? I don't have much room for groceries, as I keep what little space I have full of the staples. So it's all on the kitchen table, and will be for the next few days. And I'm annoyed. All that work, and now there's crap on the kitchen table again!

So I get it -- if I buy something, something else has to go, rather than be shoehorned in here, which is what I've been doing for the last few years. Or else I need to get extra room made now, and plan annual purges.

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Carol said...

Hi Hollis,
I guess it's easy for me now to get rid of clutter since most went during the after Katrina clean up and before the carpet was finally replaced. Since then every 2 months I get rid of the build up that happens in a busy life. However, I did find some clothes from the '80s that I was keeping in my closet. Must have been sentimental??? Well they are now gone and I don't miss them and would never wear them again. And yes I feel good about it since I only have 2 closets! You are right about needing space for new stuff. But remember to clear out before bringing in. Happy Thanksgiving. Carol in New Orleans