Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm so proud of myself! Photos make it easier...

Yesterday AM I posted an electronic keyboard and a telescope on freecycle. One woman said she wanted the keyboard, and I promised it to her. She said she'd come that evening, but I was planning to go out, so I said I'd put it on the front porch right away, and I did.

Then I was inspired to let go of some barely used stuffed animals, plus a teddy bear that got me through some hard times. I had the inspiration to take photos of these, because they do have happy memories. I do want to have a reminder of those memories, but I really don't need a gorilla that sings, "Love Me Do". I'll definitely be taking more photos! It makes it much easier to let go of bulky things with happy memories.

Then I sort of lost my focus, and was guided to go clean out a cabinet in the living room that had games from when the kids were much younger. As I was putting the stuffies out on the porch, the woman drove up, and I asked her if she wanted them. She said, yes, she brings things to a women's and children's shelter, so i asked her if she thought they might like some games. Bingo! Well, not bingo, but The Allowance Game, some puzzles, Scrabble Junior, etc. Plus some lamp oil and paraffin candles (I made beeswax candles last spring because I don't want the indoor pollution from burning petrochemicals in my home). There went 21 items! She also took a bag of clothing (which I'd already counted, but at least I don't have to make a separate trip to Goodwill).

Another mom came to get the telescope for her son, and took a microscope, as well (I'd promised my stepson that i'd try to get money for it, so she paid $10 for that). It's feeling better in here all the time.

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