Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cleaning my bulletin board

There are 4 types of things on my bulletin board:

1) great quotes and channeled information
2) keys
3) memories
4) tips on exercise, cooking, etc.
5) flyers from handymen, gardeners, etc.

Last night, I got rid of category 4 from the board. I have file folders for that stuff now -- have for years. I never looked at the bulleting board long enough to notice! I got rid of category 5, too, by typing the info into my computer. I like having the memories and quotes there, they are an instant pick me up when i need it. And the keys, well, it's the easiest place to keep them.

I found the most wonderful email exchange between me and my husband, from when we were dating! It was totally worth the half hour or so of clearing just to find that.

Today, maybe I'll reorganize the board since it has a lot more space now.


Yumi Kikuchi said...

Hi, Hollis,

You seem to be progressing with your space clearing, while I am stuck at my getting rid of old books and magazines, most of them have my articles in it. I should just take the pages of my article and get rid of the rest! But each time, I read it and 30 minutes pass away easily. So I am stuck!

Today in stead, I cleaned my kitchen which is easy as it was not so bad to begin with. I got rid of a lot of old dried food no longer usable or no longer wanted to use.

I should have taken a picture of before and after, which I forgot.

I am also fasting today, so that I can cean my body, too.

Hollis Polk said...

Hi, Yumi -

Fasting is a good idea -- clearing the stuck energy in your body. I haven't done it in many years, but may try again soon. Thanks for reminding me.