Thursday, November 29, 2007

Been a little slow...

A good friend of mine left her body rather permanently on Sunday. Had I not been clutter clearing, I might have known she was on her death bed in time to say goodbye. But things happen as they are supposed to. (Please see -- read the next to top post and then the one at the top.)

Anyway, between being rocked back on my heels by that, and having a house guest for 2 days, and dinner parties 2 nights in a row, I haven't been clearing too much. I do manage to let go of a couple of magazines a day, though, and both yesterday and today I've donated CDs or books to the library. I have a small pile of things to put on freecycle, as well.

I cleared off George's bulletin board yesterday, and took the mementos off the interior walls of Kosta's old desk armoire today. I'm looking to put the stuff from Kosta's armoire on the bulletin board today or tomorrow. Baby steps...

Oh, and one of our dinner guests has been here often and says the place looks better. Yay!

1 comment:

jjcul said...

Have you got NOTHING better to do?
My lord, you are REALLY a waste of space.
Get a job and do something productive for a change.
(i.e. NOT sniffing incense, gazing into your crystal ball and babbling incessantly about how other people can straighten out their lives.) Straighten out YOUR OWN LIFE loser!